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Jun Chamber is created through HNA Group’s brand image and resources, resulting in a chain of high end clubs brand

Jun Chamber is committed to the perfect fusion lifestyle of Eastern and Western cultural essence of nobility, elegance, noble quality for top people to build private appealing intercourse space.

Jun Chamber is the pure membership operator to create a full range of exclusive services of international quality of top clubs. The membership is constituted mainly by the well-known leaders and celebrities. By hosting receptions, cigar products, dance, salon, golf, luxury released, the Private Banquet of high-end activities, and provide haute couture, elite education, exchange of Golf, Luxury Travel Advisor, art appreciation, investment advisory and other services to meet the demand of the members of the exchanges of high-grade.

Jun Chamber is committed to build the largest high-quality club brand, now owns urban luxury, urban culture, attractions, health class clubs six. Explicitly headquarters in Beijing, after another put down roots in the domestic first-tier cities, mainly second-tier cities, as well as domestic famous tourist attractions.

  • French Cuisines Chamber

  • Jun-Arcadia Chamber

  • Jun-Fragrance Chamber

  • Jun-Gem Chamber

Tang Grand Place — Super luxurious hotel brand
Tangla Hotels & Resorts —luxurious five-star hotel
The Tang Hotel —boutique hotel brand
Garden Lane—comfortable business hotel brand
HNA Grand Hotel— HNA flagship brand
HNA Business Hotel—stylish business hotel brand
HNA Express Inn —efficient and comfort hotel brand