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Development Cooperation
Basic information
  • HNA Group Background

    HNA Group was founded in 1993. In the past two decades, it grew and prospered against the backdrop of China’s reform and opening up. Developed from a local aviation transportation operator to a conglomerate encompassing core divisions of aviation, holdings, capital, tourism and logistics, HNA Group’s business outreach has expanded from Hainan Island— the South Sea Pearl to the globe, which has assets valued at over RMB 450 billion, and has 11 listed companies. In 2014, HNA Group reaps revenues of around RMB 170 billion and have more than 110,000 employees worldwide. After 20 years endeavor, HNA Group has emerged as one of the Top 4 in China’s aviation industry, ranking the 120th in China Top 500 Enterprises and striding towards the Global 500.

  • About the HNA Hospitality Group

    Established in 1997, HNA Hospitality Group is the 69th largest corporate hotel company in the world. It is the best hotel management company in China, and the most competitive national hotel brand.
    HNA Hospitality Group includes luxury hotels, business hotels, economy hotels, resorts, hotel properties, and golf clubs. It owns and manages more than 80 hotels, claims nearly 17,000 rooms throughout the world, and owns hotels and golf courses in more than 30 cities across China. HNA Hospitality Group is the largest shareholder (25.6%) of NH Hotel Group, which is one of the top three European hotel groups. NH Hotel Group owns more than 400 hotels and 60,000 rooms, and its total net income is€1.31 billion. In 2013, HNA Hospitality Group served 18.27 million people and provided 53,000 job opportunities.
    Tangla is the key brand of the Group, and is devoted to promoting and providing oriental ambience and hospitality. In 2012, Tangla Hotel Tianjin was awarded the “Six Star Diamond Award” by the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences, making it the first hotel in Mainland China—and the sixth in the world—to receive the award.
    Guided by HNA Group’s service philosophy, HNA Hospitality Group aims to create an outstanding international hotel brand.

  • Company scale

    In July 2012, HNA Hospitality Group set in more than 30 major cities in China and abroad owning nearly 70 Holdings and delegate management of the hotels, it also had six golf courses, over nearly 15,000 rooms with a total market for existing hotel assets value of nearly 20 billion yuan, it has formed a diversified portfolio of high-end luxury hotel, business hotels, Resorts, budget hotels, and golf clubs. It is among the 300 World Hotel Group, it is China's most competitive national hotel brand and Best Hotel Management Group company.

  • Brand Awards

    "HOTELS" magazine’s July 2009 issue featured the “300 Best World-Renowned Hotel Management Companies”: HNA Hospitality Group Management Company ranked 64th;

    "2009 Best Hotel Management Group“;

    In 2009 Fifth “China Hotel Starlight Award” –annual most development potential hotel brand;

    “6th China Hotel Industry Golden Pillow Award “as the" China's most competitive Domestic Hotel Brand“;

    ”7th China Hotel Industry Golden Pillow Award” -2010 China Native New hotel Brand;

    “5th China Hotel Starlight Award” in 2010 as “The most potential hotel brand”;

    In 2011 “The Best China Hotel Group”;

    ”The most potential Hotel Group Award” of the ”Golden Coconut Award”;

    In 2012 “7th China Hotel Starlight Award” as The Best Hotel Management Group;

    In 2012, Tangla Hotels & Resorts International won the seventh “China Hotel Starlight Award” as “Most Development Potential Hotel Brand”;

    In 2012, HNA Hospitality Group’s chairman and president Mr. Song recognized as “China Hospitality Industry Annual Top Ten Characters”.

Conditions for a brand Cooperation
  • Design or hardware with above four-star hotels standard.
  • Hotel construction and operating characteristics meet the requirements of the of Tangla Hotels & Resorts International brand series hotels.
  • To be able to perform the HNA Hospitality Group philosophy.
  • Construction or renovation in accordance with HNA Hospitality Group brand standards.
Brand Services
  • (A) Pre-project consulting
    1.Hotel’s overall planning consulting and technical support during design phase
    1. Analysis and positioning advice
    2. Design’s assist and audit
    3. Architectural, mechanical and electrical design and equipment installation
    2.Hotel project management

    Engineering construction preparation, design management, contract management, quality management, information management, etc..

    3.Hotel’s pre-opening
    1. Staff recruitment and providing staff training in accordance with the HNA Hospitality Group training system in pre-opening period
    2. Responsible for the hotel pre-opening market business, marketing plans and activities
    3. Responsible for the staff recruitment for the pre-opening, to prepare the hotel opening
    4. Proper control of pre-opening budget
    5. Providing HNA Hospitality Group's central management system and central reservation system(additional charge)
    6. Before the opening, implementing the rules and regulations and carrying out the trial operation
  • (B) Hotel brands output management
    1. Naming as Tangla Hotels & Resorts International brand series hotels.
    2. Applying HNA Hospitality Group’s advanced hotel management philosophy and system, to manage the hotel in project with international professional management.
    3. Providing HNA Hospitality Group’s central reservation system project, to establish a comprehensive source network and sales channels for the hotel.
    (C) Hotel contract operation & leasing management
    1. Signing a contract operation & leasing management contract with the hotel owners after the investigation, demonstration and evaluation of the hotel by the Management Group.
    2. According to hotel’s operating results of assessment to pay the rent to the owner in line with the willingness of both sides and the fee standard of the local market, or to commit appropriately the results of operations, sharing the risks with the owners.
    3. During the term of the contract, the Management Group accredits all levels of management staff as required, and according to the brand and the star hotel standards, operates and manages the hotel under contract operation & leasing management
  • (D) Hotel Service Management Quality Supervision
    1. 1.Competitors’ information research
    2. 2.Providing HNA Hospitality Group’s GSTS guest satisfaction survey system
    3. 3.“Hotel’s mysterious visitors” – with unannounced visits by professional evaluation of the hotel in project. Helping the hotel to improve the quality of service, so as to continuously improve customer satisfaction of hotel services.
    4. 4.Providing income evaluation system support: diagnostic analysis of the operating conditions of the hotel by professional revenue management staff. Providing Scientific management and control of the hotel's sales channels, sales price, and income.
Brand Cooperation Process

Brand Answers
  • Q. Are we ready to build a hotel and how to set the HNA Hospitality group Management?
    A. You can obtain preliminary technical support, design and construction of the appropriate standard in accordance with the of Tangla series brand, and signed a management contract after opening.
  • Q. We have built a hotel, is preparing to decorate, how to manage?
    A. We will follow your existing hardware integration and optimization of the design elements to provide interior design, ready to meet the requirements of HNA Hotel brand hotel management contracts.
  • Q. If we already opened a hotel, how to manage it?
    A. We agreed to integrate Hainan Airlines International Hotel Management philosophy of the hotel, and agree to use the Tangla series brand hotel logo, signing a management contract .
  • Q. If we do not use the Tangla brand can hotels join us?
    A. No. The HNA Hospitality Group has its hotel brands and joining hotel must use Tangla hotel Series brand. But we can provide you with pre-consulting, hotel problem diagnosis service.
  • Q. Do we have other management companies, and how to join them?
    A. It should first terminate the contract agreement signed with the original management company, and the elimination of related interests, debt dispute, and then sign a management contract with our company.
  • Q. If our hotel is small, how can it join the group ?
    A. They meet the standard four-star hotel star classification standards issued by the National Tourism Administration, or recognized by HNA Hospitality Group Featured Hotels and can able to sign a management contract.
Tang Grand Place — Super luxurious hotel brand
Tangla Hotels & Resorts —luxurious five-star hotel
The Tang Hotel —boutique hotel brand
Garden Lane—comfortable business hotel brand
HNA Grand Hotel— HNA flagship brand
HNA Business Hotel—stylish business hotel brand
HNA Express Inn —efficient and comfort hotel brand