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Corporate Responsibilities
Our Responsibilities
  • Tangla Hotel Management Institute

    Tangla Hotels and Resorts takes care of its staff with a detailed training program formulated to develop the skills of its associates.

    The program consists of basic training for new associates, and is based on orientation, departmental training, and general skills training. Completion of the orientation phase is a prerequisite to attend other trainings (save departmental training). After completing orientation, personnel can start the general skills training.

    At the same time, they will have the opportunity to receive higher training. If they are in a management position, they can take the training program for their position under the hotel and arrange to receive certification from the Institute. If they are a general associate, they will receive Tangla-style development and a detailed career plan.

    If personnel reach certain standards and get promoted, they can undergo the hotel’s training program for management level personnel and become reserve management or get a higher position.

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