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  • HNA Hospitality Group debuted the Grand Opening of Shenzhen HNA City Marketing Center

    Beijing, China, 5 September 2013 — With the creative design theme of "Wings of HNA", Shenzhen HNA City marketing center grandly opened in the "World HNA, pondering life" theme event on August 31, 2013.HNA Hospitality Group gorgeously debuted this grand opening event, joining hands with HNA real estate to create a "fly to the world" wonderful experience and bring about a new international theme life to the Shenzhen.

    HNA City project is the maiden flight of HNA Real Estate lands on Shenzhen. With the advantages of international life city of 600,000 square meters, seamless connection WINSOR station of Metro Longgang Line, and HNA Group‘s extensive resources, HNA City pilots the Shenzhen noble life into a new era. With the creative design theme of "Wings of HNA", HNA City Marketing Center inherits the high-end life and service concept from HNA Airlines, providing a new leap of life for peopling living here. Inside the marketing center the first floor is a display area and the second project display area. The overall experience the marketing center conveys is to fly in a brighter future. HNA City gives you a feeling of flying!

    In order to take full advantages as a large Group, and achieve internal resources complementary and brands linkage effects, HNA hospitality Group debuted the "World HNA, pondering life" theme event, which not only boosted for HNA Real Estate, but also displayed the brand’s distinct hospitality services and charms to Shenzhen.

    The very core values and unique oriental charm of HNA hotels was graciously unfolded and brand awareness and reputation was greatly enhanced during this event. HNA Hospitality Group together with the HNA Real Estate dedicated a most wonderful and excellent marketing center opening event in Shenzhen history. Chinese national hotel brand with oriental characteristics will benefit the global travelers and also enrich the world's modern lifestyle. Shenzhen are living into the "HNA era”!

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